Kayla Walton,

UC Davis Class of 2024

My name is Kayla Walton and I am from Los Angeles, California. I graduated from Alliance Health Services Academy High School with the class of 2020. Through high school I always felt very marginalized because my school wasn’t very diverse, so for this reason I took it upon myself to make a Black Student Union but this organization wasn’t only for African Americans it was for anyone who felt like an outsider. This club made students come together and feel more included in an approachable environment to where they can thrive.

This  fall I will be attending UC Davis as an incoming freshman with the major of animal sciences and management. I am thankful to be chosen for this scholarship and I believe that diversity is a keen factor in education today. Diversity gives others the ability to have cultural sensitivity, communication skills, and a variety of perspectives. Diversity has helped me become the woman and student I am today.

Fionna Lim,

UCLA Class of 2024

My name is Fionna Lim from Union City, CA. I am currently attending UCLA and majoring in Chemical Engineering with a possible minor in Chinese. I want to use my degree to help communities get the food and water that they need. Through chemical engineering, I can help design chemical reactions to create products that are more accessible.

I believe that diversity is an essential component to any professional workspace. Because, especially in STEM fields, there is never one solution, it is imperative to have multiple voices, demographics, which each bring their own perspective. When school starts, I plan on volunteering through clubs that advocate for spreading STEM education. I like to watch new dramas on Netflix, as well as bake cookies, in my spare time.